Phoenix Golf Resort

Phoenix Golf Resort

Phoenix Golf Resort is located in Yongbong Village, Long Son district (ground configuration of image of dragon and phoenix being seated together) and is 38km away from Hanoi city. It has a beautiful view beyond description so it is called HaLong Bay on the land.

We started construction work in March 2005(Vietnam government permission number: 2417/GP) on the condition of additional extension. We achieved the best world famous golf resort with the largest scale of golf course with 54 holes and 5 star condo hotel of 200 rooms (government formal permission) which has 315ha(approximately one million pyeong) for Korean self-respect and pride. Charmvit  Group manages 11 companies and 5 oversea investment corporates and initiated development for hiking trail of Cheonji in Mt. Baekdu from 1993 and is managing BaekDu Mountain CheonSang Spa tourism hotel.

Phoenix Golf Resort has entire 54 holes as the best world famous and was designed by Mr. Ronald Fream of USA, Korean and Japanese international golf course designers with a characteristic of each country. Blake Handerson of USA, Datzgawa of Japan and the best Korean landscapers put a lot of effort to protect nature and environment so the golf resort has the most beautiful view and boasts itself  with that. It is synthesized leisure resort with high quality club house made of Italian internal marble, 5star condohotel(200rooms), villa(120pyeong, 2 buildings with 6 rooms completed), large room and indoor/outdoor youth swimming pool.

Playing the Course

Phoenix Golf Course:
This course was planned by golf course planner Ronald W.Fream (Golf Plan, USA) and constructed by two shapers Calvin Sylva (USA) and Ron Leck who is one of the able pupils of Jack Nicklause. Golf Plan (represented by Ronald W.Fream) is the American supreme planning of worldwide reputed golf course such as Long Thanh CC (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam), Silk Road Resort (China), Bali Pecatu Indah CC (Indonesia), Saturnia CC (Italy), Daitakarazuka CC (Japan), Jeju Island Nine Bridge CC (Korea), Pine Hills CC (Korea), and more, Phoenix Course is the 2nd work designed by Golf Plan in Vietnam.

Dragon Course:
With reference to basic planning of M&K Co, (Sato Kentaro), Japan, this course was planned by Chairman Lee Dae-bong, Charm Vit Group on the basis of previous experiences in planning Yanjy Haeran River CC (China, 36 holes) and Kunming CC (China, 54 holes), and constructed by Japanese golf course shaper in Japan with experiences over 20 Asia reputed golf courses as well as Yanji Haeran River CC (China), Namchon CC (Korea) and Busan Tongdosa CC.

Master Course:
This course was planned by Songho Golf Design Group, Korea (Represented by Song Ho). Songho Group is the best golf course design company that has successfully planned Asia reputed golf courses including Namchon CC (Korea), Pristine Valley CC (Korea), Songchu CC (Korea), Century 21 (Korea), East Valley (Korea), Yanji Haeran River CC (China), Chingdao Genesis (Chian), Beijing River Creek (China) and more. Champion course was constructed by Korea’s best golf course shaper Lee Hee-cheol who successfully worked Korean renowned golf courses such as TGV CC, Seowon Valley CC, Yongpyong CC and so on.


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